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TCG at Nat20

Here at the shop we tend to keep things more casual than not, MTG is the biggest TCG that people play here, Lorcana is also popular, and we have a smattering of other cards like Kryptic, Alpha Clash, My Hero Academia, Force of Will,One Piece, Pokemon, and more. If any events or pre-orders are upcoming it will be posted below! If there are any questions you can always come by the shop, give us a call or send a message on one of the many platforms.

Upcoming Sets

Is there a different TCG that you're looking for?

There is always a chance that we can special order in packs and decks from other games, all you have to do is ask. We don't charge extra for special orders.

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Star Wars Weekly Play

There will be no Star Wars Unlimited on Saturday June 22nd

Join us every Saturday at 1 P.M. for casual weekly play for Star Wars Unlimited. Everyone that participates will receive a promo pack of 3 cards.

In order to participate all you will need to do is provide us with you email or SWU player ID (if you don't have one you can get it by making a free account at ) and taking care of the use of space fee which is either $5 or a single purchase which can be as small as a bottle of water!


Ursula's Return Lorcana League

Every Sunday we have Lorcana League games going on starting at 6 P.M. At the end of each 4 week leg promos will be handed out to people who are present and participating. The buy in is taken care of by taking care of the regular use of space fee. 

At the end of each event there will be a theme randomly selected for you to build a deck around for the following weekend. If you build your deck accordingly and provide proof that you have done the theme you will earn 2 additional points for the week. To be within the theme the deck must be a majority of whichever card type is chosen, within reason. 

Current theme for 6-9-24: Villains


Magic Presents: Pride Commander Event

Next month, on Saturday June 29th at 6 p.m. we will be running a fun commander event where every viable commander card is treated as though it had partner! Everyone that participates will receive a special foiled art card, and other promos will be handed out at random. 

Use the google doc link below to see more information about building the deck and the shop ban list for this event.

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