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TCG at Nat20

Here at the shop we tend to keep things more casual than not, MTG is the biggest TCG that people play here, Lorcana is also popular, and we have a smattering of other cards like Kryptic, Alpha Clash, My Hero Academia, Force of Will,One Piece, Pokemon, and more. If any events or pre-orders are upcoming it will be posted below! If there are any questions you can always come by the shop, give us a call or send a message on one of the many platforms.

Upcoming Sets

Is there a different TCG that you're looking for?

There is always a chance that we can special order in packs and decks from other games, all you have to do is ask. We don't charge extra for special orders.

Triple Feature League.jpg

Disney Lorcana League

Starting on Sunday February 25th we have a Lorcana League starting up. There will be a ton of items that can be won, from pins, to promo cards, to packs themselves. Certain items will be given randomly, others will be awarded to who is in the lead at the end of each four week period. At the end of the league the overall winner will receive a Lorcana booster box!

The initial buy in will be $20 with a $5 per week upkeep. We have a signup sheet here at the shop as well as a limited stock of chapter 2 decks. For the league you will be able to use cards from all 3 chapters. 


Star Wars Unlimited
Weekly Play

Starting on Saturday, March 30th we will be starting weekly play for Star Wars Unlimited, to play you will need to make an account on and have either your player ID number or email ready so we can add you to the event here. Everyone who comes to play will receive a 3 card event booster pack


Outlaws of Thunder Junction Pre-Release

Join is on Friday April 12 for the pre-release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction and go wild with this western themed set! If you want to pre-register for the event you can use the following code to reserve a seat and a box!

Buy in - $30.00 (covers pre-release box and lands)

Companion App Code: M4YW3QX

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